occipital cortex

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cortex, occipital 

The superficial grey matter on the posterior part of each hemisphere comprising Brodmann's areas 17, 18 and 19. See visual area.
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In the occipital cortex and midbrain, there were smaller cells (reduced total protein/DNA ratio) and a corresponding increase in cell packing density (DNA concentration), features that are likely to reflect neuronal damage and "reactive gliosis," that is, replacement with smaller, glial cells (O'Callaghan 1988, 1993; Roy et al.
Even here, with subregional dissection into the frontal, temporal, and occipital cortex, we are still incorporating heterogeneous layers and nuclei, which means that significant, small changes imply much larger focal effects that are likely to be identified by quantitative morphology.
Such evaluations are essential because these children not only have disturbed visual acuity and field loss because of fewer functioning neurons in the occipital cortex (the main characteristic of this visual disorder), but almost invariably have various additional neurological deficits that interact in complex ways.
Language processing in the occipital cortex of congenitally blind adults.
There were puzzling discrepancies even at that time, since Gordon Riddoch, of the Royal Army Medical Corps, found that some World War I veterans with injuries to the occipital cortex could perceive motion in their "nonseeing" visual field.
Upon a brain imaging analysis, the researchers observed that in the healthy volunteers, connectivity between two parts of the brain, the parietal cortex involved in top-down control, particularly spatial attention, and the lateral occipital cortex involved in bottom-up processing of visual information, increased when the hollow faces were presented.
On MRI, cortical atrophy was more frequently seen in MCI and dementia groups compared with the cognitively normal group--except for the parietal and occiptal cortices in the Parkinson's MCI group and the occipital cortex in the PDD group.
Although no study has investigated the neural correlates of olfactory processing in people who are blind using neuroimaging techniques (such as functional magnetic resonance imaging or positron emission tomography, one may expect that the occipital cortex of individuals with early-onset blindness supports these individuals' superior olfactory abilities as it does in the case of hearing and touch.
Women's rCBF decreased in visual areas, including the fusiform gyrus and occipital cortex, right amygdala, and an area extending from the cerebellum into the adjoining right parahippocampal gyrus.
18] shows pronounced metabolic impairment in occipital cortex of DLB, but not Alzheimer's disease, patients, he said.