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n peripheral condition involved at the inception of the illness. See also precipitating factor, biopathography, etiology, and pathogenesis.
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A good part of the whispering had been occasioned by an event which was more or less rare -- the entrance of visitors: lawyer Thatcher, accompanied by a very feeble and aged man; a fine, portly, middle-aged gentle- man with iron-gray hair; and a dignified lady who was doubtless the latter's wife.
There had been one outburst of righteous wrath occasioned by Rebecca's over-hospitable habits, which were later shown in a still more dramatic and unexpected fashion.
This failure was occasioned by my attending a camp meeting about ten miles from Baltimore.
While he staid, the Martins were forgotten; and on the very morning of his setting off for Bath again, Emma, to dissipate some of the distress it occasioned, judged it best for her to return Elizabeth Martin's visit.