obturator fascia

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ob·tu·ra·tor fas·ci·a

the portion of the parietal pelvic fascia that covers the obturator internus muscle; it is modified to form both the tendinous arch of the pelvic diaphragm and the pudendal canal.
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In one cadaver (Fig.3a.), the main tendon turned medially to merge with obturator fascia, while its shiny aponeurotic fibres were seen in fascia iliaca as well.
The obturator internus muscle arises from: i) the pelvic surface of the margin of the obturator foramen, ii) the internal surface of the hip bone below and posterior to the pelvic brim, iii) the internal surface of the obturator membrane, the tendinous arch that completes the obturator canal, and iv) the obturator fascia. The fibers converge towards the lesser sciatic foramen and, after receiving the attachments of the gemelli, are inserted into the medial surface of the greater trochanter.
Throughout its course except near its origin it was related to the obturator fascia and obturator internus muscle laterally.