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To close or obstruct.

ob′tu·ra′tion n.
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The non-probability sampling technique was used to randomly divide the obturated specimens into 2 groups (n= 20 teeth) on the basis of root end filling materials as:
Filling with void: The obturated AIRC indicated voids in the bulk of the filling material or between the filling material and the dentine walls in buccolingual and/or mesiodistal radiographs.
The force required to engrave the rifling into the bullet is relatively small, compared to the dynamic friction of an obturated bullet.
Root canals were obturated with the conventional lateral condensation, single-cone (#30 ProTaper Universal gutta-percha; Dentsply Maillefer and #30 MM-GP Points 4%; Micro-Mega) or carrier-based obturation techniques (Thermafil Obturator #30; Dentsply, Tulsa, USA and ProTaper Obturator F3; Dentsply and HEROfill Obturator #30; Micro-Mega).
With the currently available root filling materials, even a well obturated root canal is susceptible to reinfection by microorganisms.
Comparison of the area of resin-based sealer and voids in roots obturated with Resilon and gutta-percha.
After obtaining post-operative sample, tooth was obturated and permanent restoration was placed.
Teeth with incomplete, broken or resorbed roots or obturated canals were excluded from the study.