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To close or obstruct.

ob′tu·ra′tion n.
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The force required to engrave the rifling into the bullet is relatively small, compared to the dynamic friction of an obturated bullet.
Comparison of root canals obturated with ProTaper gutta-percha master point using the active lateral condensation and the single-cone techniques: a bacterial leakage study.
Root canals were obturated using combination of cold lateral condensation technique and warm compaction technique with MTA based sealer (Fillapex, Angelus Brazil).
The canal was obturated using the warm vertical compaction technique with the aid of System B (Kerr Endo, Orange, CA, USA), and a resinC.
In vitro evaluation of the apical sealing of root canals obturated with different techniques.
Periapical healing of endodontically treated teeth in one and two visits obturated in the presence or absence of detectable bacteria.
Teeth with incomplete, broken or resorbed roots or obturated canals were excluded from the study.
Olmez et al [14] evaluated the effect of different thicknesses of MTA on coronal microleakage in deciduous teeth obturated with calcium hydroxide.
They were divided into five groups of 100 seeds, each were sealed (obturated) with paraffin as follows: uncovered seed; total obturated seeds, uncovered seed coat (seeds with the hilum obturated); seeds with hilum and suture (rafe-antirafe) obturated; seeds only with hilum uncovered.
After complete cleaning and shaping, all canals were obturated using lateral condensation technique.
The chamber should be obturated when an obvious blue-flame is generated.
After canal obturation, the teeth were radiographed to make sure the canals were fully obturated.