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To close or obstruct.

ob′tu·ra′tion n.
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So you can see you're having issues already if you're relying on a bullet to obturate yet you're using hard lead.
But, unlike a conventional bullet, once such a brass bullet has engraved into the rifling, it slides through the bore quite freely because it is tough enough to withstand the force of acceleration and therefore it does not obturate significantly.
They have flared skirts that obturate the bore, sealing compressed air behind them.
Extraction was sometimes a problem with full velocity loads where the fired cartridge would fully obturate the chamber and cling more tightly to the chamber wall.
Most root canal filling materials do not thoroughly obturate the root canal system, leaving some voids either within the root filling material or at their interface with dentine [6].
All are safe to use at .45 Colt velocities, but when loaded to maximum .454 chamber pressures, those with soft lead cores and relatively thin jackets can obturate excessively when entering the forcing cone of the barrel, causing pressures to skyrocket to dangerous levels.
Full-diameter bullets like the Power Belt or Hornday FPB that obturate to engage the rifling will shoot more consistently than sabots in this case.
I say that look ten years with my breath I've been breathing hard forms, compact, opaque, unbridled, without archings in the limbo of my body not made and which finds itself hence made and that I find every time the 10,000 beings to criticize me, to obturate the attempt of the edge of a pierced infinite.
The purpose of this method is to obturate the canal with a filling material softened by heat and packed by vertical pressure, from the coronal to the apical part of the root.
Enlargement of the canal is fundamental to promote adequate decontamination of the dentin walls and to create an appropriate shape in order to obturate the root canal system.
One of the main purposes of endodontic treatment is to clean and disinfect root canal systems in order to reduce the number of microorganisms and extract necrotic tissue, and finally to obturate this system and thus prevent recontamination (Del Fabbro et al, 2007).
The theorists posit that when the expanding gas from the burning powder "smacks" the base of a bullet which has no support, the bullet will begin to obturate and the back end will swell out.