obstructive ventilatory defect

ob·struc·tive ven·ti·la·tor·y de·fect

(ŏb-strŭk'tiv ven'til-ă-tōr-ē dē'fekt)
Slowing of airflow during forced ventilatory maneuvers, generally expiratory.
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The results of pulmonary function tests showed decreased diffusion capacity (n=4), restrictive ventilatory defect (n=3), moderate obstructive ventilatory defect (n=1) and were completely normal in 1 patient.
Clinical characteristics of the cases Clinical characteristics Number of cases (n) Cough 4 Dyspnea 4 Sputum 3 Fever 3 Weight loss 3 Hemoptysis 1 Bilateral inspiratory crackles 4 Normal physical examination 1 Decreased diffusion capacity 4 Restrictive ventilatory defect 3 Obstructive ventilatory defect 1 Normal pulmonary function 1 Bilateral infiltrations 4 Focal opacity 1 Transthoracic biopsy 4 Transbronchial biopsy 1
An obstructive ventilatory defect usually points to an underlying obstructive lung disease; likewise, our patient with moderate obstruction had a smoking history of 81 packyears and symptoms and signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.