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GI disease Impairment of the fecal flow of GI contents Clinical Sx reflect point of obstruction and type of ileus; paralytic ileus causes little pain and is first evident through abdominal distension and vomiting; post-operative paralytic ileus may manifest itself through ↑ nasogastric secretions or oliguria; mechanical ileus is associated with vomiting, abdominal colic, distension and constipation, which may be episodic with intermittent relief by production of voluminous, watery stools Management Stabilize, decompress, repair. See Meconium ileus, Paralytic ileus.
Ileus types
Adynamic Paralytic ileus, 2º to electrolyte derangements, mesenteric arterial vascular accidents, peritoneal irritation, surgery, trauma, paraneoplastic phenomena
• Obstructive Intraluminal tumors, intussusception, gallstones, bezoar, feces, foreign bodies
• Intrinsic lesions Atresia, stenosis, strictures due to neoplasms, inflammation, chemicals, vascular lesions
• Extrinsic lesions Adhesive bands from C-sections, previous surgery, hernias, neoplasia, abscesses, volvulus, hematomas 
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Q. I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? None of the diet was restricted for me by doctor but should I go for any special diet.

A. I had surgery in 08/08 during having a c-section and hernia repair, and I'm having diarrhea all the time. I don't know what to eat nor what medicines to take. Only Immodium AD helps temporary. If I have an appointment, I don't eat breakfast or lunch. I come home and eat dinner. About 30 minutes after eating, I'm in the bathroom. Can someone help me please? I have to return back to work next month, and I don't want to be in the bathroom more than I am at my desk.

Q. (COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the main causes of?

A. Mainly smoking, although ambient air pollution and industrial exposure to dust have also been implicated as causes.

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