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1. the act of blocking or clogging.
2. the state or condition of being clogged; see also atresia. Called also blockade, closure, and occlusion.
chronic airflow obstruction (chronic airway obstruction) name given to a group of disorders in which the upper or lower airways are chronically obstructed; it includes chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumoconiosis, and any other type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
intestinal obstruction see intestinal obstruction.


Blockage, clogging, or impeded flow, for example, by occlusion or stenosis.
[L. obstructio]


A blocking or clogging of a tube or vessel. See Ball-valve obstruction, Biliary obstruction, Bladder outlet obstruction, Bowel obstruction, Bypass obstruction, Nasal obstruction, UPJ obstruction.


Blockage or clogging, e.g., by occlusion or stenosis.
[L. obstructio]


A blockage that prevents movement.


Blockage, clogging, or impeded flow.
[L. obstructio]

Patient discussion about obstruction

Q. I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? None of the diet was restricted for me by doctor but should I go for any special diet.

A. I had surgery in 08/08 during having a c-section and hernia repair, and I'm having diarrhea all the time. I don't know what to eat nor what medicines to take. Only Immodium AD helps temporary. If I have an appointment, I don't eat breakfast or lunch. I come home and eat dinner. About 30 minutes after eating, I'm in the bathroom. Can someone help me please? I have to return back to work next month, and I don't want to be in the bathroom more than I am at my desk.

Q. (COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the main causes of?

A. Mainly smoking, although ambient air pollution and industrial exposure to dust have also been implicated as causes.

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As of Tuesday morning, secondary and barangay roads were 90 percent cleared of illegal obstructions. In North Caloocan, which has a big land area, public roads have been reclaimed 100 percent, he added.
In Metro Manila, the Marikina mayor said 30 percent of roads and sidewalks are clogged because of various types of obstructions.
Except for the meeting on July 24, which discussed an urgent motion of public importance related to floods and landslides in the country, no meeting had been possible due to obstruction.
Eduardo Ano has lauded the city government of Marikina for being a city that is already free of obstruction, Mayor Marcelino "Marcy" Teodoro said Tuesday.
It shall, at all times, be kept clear and free from any power line obstructions, dangerous structures, hazardous activities and improvements and other similar circumstances, the senator said.
A bowel obstruction is when the normal movement of food, fluid, gas is prevented from occurring within the bowel (intestines).
In the present study, we evaluated technique feasibility and treatment outcomes following a super-flexible through-the-scope (TTS)-SEMS for the management of malignant colon obstruction at hepatic or splenic flexure caused by primary colon cancer as either palliative treatment or a bridge to surgery.
He also contended that the SHC's Hyderabad cirAcuit bench's orders were regarAding removal of the obstructions from the left bank since the flow of water downAstream was being stopped.
KEY WORDS: Intestinal Obstruction; Laparotomy; Gynecological Surgery; Peritonitis; Appendectomy; Indirect Inguinal Hernia; Umbilical Hernia; Incisional Hernia; Intestinal Volvulus.
Earlier on June 22, the court directed the Ministry of Defence and the CDA to remove obstructions and open a road near ISI HQ.
SIBO is common in intestinal obstruction which leads to alternation in intestinal anatomy including changes in epithelial barrier, intestinal motility and its secretions.
Malignant bowel obstruction (MBO) in women with advanced gynecologic cancer is common and a major clinical challenge as it is associated with protracted symptoms such as the inability to maintain oral intake, vomiting, and abdominal pain.