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(əb-strŭkt′, ŏb-)
To block or close a body passage so as to hinder or interrupt a flow.

ob·struc′tive adj.

Patient discussion about obstruct

Q. I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? I recently had my surgery for bowel obstruction? None of the diet was restricted for me by doctor but should I go for any special diet.

A. I had surgery in 08/08 during having a c-section and hernia repair, and I'm having diarrhea all the time. I don't know what to eat nor what medicines to take. Only Immodium AD helps temporary. If I have an appointment, I don't eat breakfast or lunch. I come home and eat dinner. About 30 minutes after eating, I'm in the bathroom. Can someone help me please? I have to return back to work next month, and I don't want to be in the bathroom more than I am at my desk.

Q. (COPD)chronic obstructive pulmonary disease the main causes of?

A. Mainly smoking, although ambient air pollution and industrial exposure to dust have also been implicated as causes.

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According to these newly identified characteristics, we recommend that HWWS be classified according to the complete or incomplete obstruction of the hemivagina as follows: Classification 1, patients with a completely obstructed hemivagina, and Classification 2, patients with an incompletely obstructed hemivagina.
I expressed my disgust for this so-called 'protest', then walked out to the middle of the road and obstructed traffic to cause a stir.
This act affected his [the officer's] task, his duty and we find he obstructed Mr Moore the immigration officer.
7] Previous studies have demonstrated that COX-2 expression increased in the obstructed kidneys in response to 24-hour unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO),[sup.
The Russian and Chinese obstruction of the draft sanctions, which will have negative repercussions on the Syrian people , has angered the US Ambassador at the UNSC to leave the session early, ignoring that her country obstructed the Palestinian dream when Obama warned that Washington would veto any demand for recognizing Palestine.
The four lawmakers had obstructed House several times in the past demanding a guarantee of inclusive nature in the upcoming constitution.
On the parameters of practice setting for overall knowledge of obstructed and unobstructed airways, nurses who practiced in an inpatient setting was a significant predictor of overall knowledge scores when compared to nurses who practiced in a nursing home setting (B = -0.
Less than 50 obstructed view tickets remain for the Rangers second potential home game, Game 4 on Sunday, October 31.
Abnormal ABIs, either obstructed or incompressible, existed in 19 RA patients (30%) and in two controls (5%), a statistically significant difference.
Obstructed or incompressible ABIs existed in 19 RA patients (30%) and 2 controls (5%), a statistically significant difference.
LANSDOWNE stadium's developers have slammed claims that some seats at the redeveloped ground will have obstructed views.