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, obstetrical (ob-stet'rik, -ri-kăl),
Relating to obstetrics.
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adjective Referring to obstetrics.
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Acute abdomen during pregnancy is an entity commonly encountered in obstetrical practice.
Despite major limitations gynecological and obstetrical services contributeup to their maximum potential.
In present communication, three obstetrical situations were presented, where dystocia was relieved by sub-cutaneous fetotomy in one case, percutaneous fetotomy in another two.
Frequent obstetrical emergencies observed were pre-eclampsia 53(27.04%), post partum haemorrhage 48(24.48%) and ante partum haemorrhage 36(18.36%) women.
The purpose of our study was to find out the obstetrical complications, mode of delivery and post partum complications of un-booked grand multiparous women, so as to propose certain recommendations to increase awareness about antenatal care and providing efficient health care facilities to these women at door step to improve the outcome.
Although there have been reports on the maternal and fetal complications and outcomes in some separate provinces or cities of the mainland of China, no national research has been carried out, thus it is difficult for health administration departments to obtain data on the national rates of obstetrical disease.
Colorado Obstetrics and Women's Health provides personalized health care for all phases of a woman's life, including adolescent care, female wellness, obstetrical care and menopause.
The center hopes that the project on preservation of natural heat in the obstetrical institution will save hundreds of new lives.
Nursing programs throughout the United States offer obstetrical curricula to thousands of nursing students each semester that include hospital clinical experiences in labor and delivery.
The obstetrical, neonatal, and childhood risk associated with prenatal smoking are well known.
The effect of mediolateral episiotomy during operative vaginal delivery on the risk of developing obstetrical anal sphincter injuries.
This initiative has brought key stakeholders in from GNA, the Department of Public Health, Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, March of Dimes and the Georgia affiliate of the American College of Nurse Midwives together to discuss how to move this effort forward.