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Falling into disuse; denoting abolition of a function.
[L. obsolesco, to grow out of use]
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Jose Suarez knows obsolescence. Not the "oops, my six-month-old workstations are passe" kind, but full-blown, textbook obsolescence: a mainframe older than most of his department's employees.
Fixed assets are rapidly being replaced with a genre of assets that do it cleaner, faster and more efficiently Rapid technological obsolescence results in actual market values for these assets that are much lower than the values determined using standard depreciation tables.
Obsolescence costs are incurred when finished products or raw materials become obsolete and need to be cleared out.
Accordingly, these expenses cannot be deducted for exhaustion, wear and tear, obsolescence, amortization or depletion.
What is generally taken as the single most important marker of potential obsolescence is the age of the literature.
Abramson characterizes obsolescence as a twentieth-century phenomenon.
If you have ever owned a fridge, a mobile phone or even a pair of stockings, that were easier to replace than repair, you have experienced planned obsolescence first hand.
Apparently, at his own expense, he published a 20-page pamphlet entitled "Ending the Depression Through Planned Obsolescence." The main problem, as he saw it, was that people were suddenly fearful of buying anything new, preferring to use their old appliances, clothes, cars, and even toothbrushes until they got the last particle of good out of them.
In analyzing functional obsolescence, the county's appraiser explained that functional obsolescence has two parts.
Replacing existing capital is necessary for two reasons - deterioration and obsolescence. Deterioration occurs through the use of equipment to create products.
The new Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act 2018 ignored one major crime: Planned obsolescence of electronic gadgets mdash the deliberate design to ensure products break down after a period determined by the manufacturer instead of expiry due to the normal wear and tear.Although we are now used buying gadgets that do not last long or cannot be repaired, what many consumers do not know is that manufacturers design these gadgets to be irreparable and to malfunction sooner rather than later to force us to buy more or replace them often.