obsessive behavior

ob·ses·sive be·hav·ior

the repetitive stylized behavior seen in obsessive-compulsive neurosis.
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These lead to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, neuroticism, obsessive behavior, and an irrational fear of people and other animals.
The researchers said that such repetitive, obsessive behavior is associated with numerous mental health problems.
Samms' psychological thriller follows the increasingly obsessive behavior of a woman out of control with the fantasy of a perfect love that she can never have with a perfect stranger.
Now the question becomes: Do we want to give stimulants to children with obsessive behavior and irritability?
But that doesn't explain the sharp rise in addiction in the past decade -- be it alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sleeping pills or obsessive behavior.
There are also mentions of "the soul," but in this dance, the soul gets cornered, triggering wild, obsessive behavior.
Patients suffering from the disorder try to relieve their anxiety with obsessive behavior, such as washing their hands or checking locks repeatedly.
The reason for this apparently obsessive behavior by a small group of dedicated physicists is that the observation of a non-zero neutron EDM would be evidence of time reversal violation.
This obsessive behavior is driven by complex motivations.
Difficulties arise when the problem has been hidden for a long period of time and obsessive behavior is mistaken for "dedication and strong character" (Thompson & Sherman, 1993, p.
That means more confusion, more difficulty concentrating and more impulsive, restless and obsessive behavior - symptoms similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
There's a kind of obsessive behavior that gets repeated.