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One who perceives, notices, or watches; in behavioral research with humans, the investigator or his/her surrogate.
[L. observo, to watch]


An international medical graduate—a doctor who was educated and trained outside of the US—who joins a medical or surgical team at a teaching hospital in the US to observe the style and particulars of patient management. Observers are usually sponsored by a foreign hospital or university and have a mentor assigned to them; they are expected to have a good command of English, must have a valid visa, and do not participate in direct patient management.
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As you may recall that IOA didn't approve the affiliation of Boxing India because the International Federation didn't invite IOA observer for the meeting.
In the first round of reading, the agreement between observer 1 and 2 was moderate (k=0.
In this paper, an observer for SISO nonlinear systems in normal form, with parameter uncertainties and external disturbances, is presented.
According to participants, being an observer can be incredibly rewarding.
Five observers were between 20-25 years of age, 8 observers were between 26-30 years of age, and one observer was over 30 years of age.
He said special notes in English and Russian with phone numbers were prepared for international observers to allow them to solve problems that may emerge.
According to CNN, Ponomarev has accused the observers of being spies for NATO and might negotiate them for pro-Russian activists held by Kiev but there is no certainity towards the same.
SCORE: 0/10 Innovation: Our observer was impressed by Kemp's eagerness to encourage independent creative thinking in her son.
In a statement issued after transporting the 21 Filipino observers to Jordan, Ki-moon stressed the neutrality of the UNDOF observers, the AFP said.
Gyumri, the observer noticed that the candidates' proxies had no identification documents.
Observers are trained biologists who collect detailed biological and operational information while aboard vessels and at shoreside plants during commercial fisheries.
Supplied to the governmental authority by Modern Systems and Computer Trade (MSCT), Volicon's representative in Jordan, the Observer system performs continuous monitoring and recording of aired content to enable AVC's rapid investigation of comments or complaints.

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