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One who perceives, notices, or watches; in behavioral research with humans, the investigator or his/her surrogate.
[L. observo, to watch]
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An international medical graduate—a doctor who was educated and trained outside of the US—who joins a medical or surgical team at a teaching hospital in the US to observe the style and particulars of patient management. Observers are usually sponsored by a foreign hospital or university and have a mentor assigned to them; they are expected to have a good command of English, must have a valid visa, and do not participate in direct patient management.
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Teehankee, Philippine Permanent Representative to the WTO, delivered to WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo on 6 May the request of the Philippine government to become an observer in the Committee on Government Procurement.
Azhar said the eligibility of individuals or organisations applying to be observers will be evaluated according to the criteria and those appointed are required to sign a pledge to abide by certain rules when discharging their duties.
These officers are being deployed as General, Police and Expenditure Observers, read a statement.
According to her, security agents appeared to have conducted themselves well in many voting units; but in many voting units across the country, observers reported that security agents, particularly officers of the Police Force and Armed Forces, were involved in the disruption of the voting process.
'All accredited observers shall abide by the code of conduct for election observers, which is available for download on the INEC website.
A delegation of European Union (EU) observers on Wednesday visited different polling stations of the federal capital and termed the opening process of general election 2018 smooth and peaceful.
The mission had received accreditation for its long-term observers, allowing for their deployment in the coming days.
International observers from countries the world over send applications to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to monitor election proceedings.
"Pakistan has a tradition of welcoming international election observers," the ministry said.
Observers required to maintain good behavior, respect others including exhibiting sensitivity for culture and customs of the country and shall observe the highest level of professional conduct throughout their presence here.
On election day, a team of 36 short-term observers will join the long-term observers in Lebanon, as will members of the European Parliament and around 30 representatives from EU embassies.
As international observers, it is our task to report on the election process to the best of our capacity and knowledge.

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