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adjective Referring to the monitoring of a person in A&E or after surgery to see if the patient’s condition worsens or is stable enough to allow discharge to the ward.

noun The assessment of patient signs during a physical examination, especially as related to musculoskeletal activity (e.g., observation of gait) or neurologic function (e.g., unilateral sagging of the face in palsy).

(1) An assessment of a patient’s condition, or analysis of data collected on one or more patients by the investigator/staff as required by protocol.
(2) A discrete datum (piece of information) collected during a study. Planned observations are typically distinguished from anecdotal comments noted during a clinical trial.

Vox populi
noun An ad hoc comment or editorialisation.
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Managed care A nonemergent status for a Pt admitted to a hospital who does not meet acute care critieria and if any of the following apply: (1) stabilization and discharge expected < 24 h; (2) treatment is required for > 6 h; (3) clinical Dx is unclear and can be determined < 24 h. See Observation bed Medtalk The act of observing; a state of vigilant nonintervention; in observation, a person's condition is closely monitored, but treatment does not begin until Sx appear or change. See Discharge, Post-op, Watchful waiting.
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Patient discussion about observation

Q. I had observed that my pain increases with less sleep and poor diet. I had observed that my pain increases with less sleep and poor diet. I tried fasting for half a day and it helped with the pain. But once I fast for the whole day and the pain aggravated. I had also observed that when I eat salads I feel good with reduced pain. So I take them every day and this has definitely helped with the pain. I want to know how come they help with the pain.

A. Any natural diet does wonders and the same can be applied here. You must also avoid all the artificial products and sweeteners. You must also reduce in tea, coffee, chocolates, alcohol, and sodas and over consumption of dairy. You must also reduce sugar in your diet. Try to have a good sleep it is the key to reduce pain.

Q. My wife(53) has elevated CEA and CA19.9 levels - near 150, without any concomitant reason/observation? Comment

A. Hi Bobby3,

The most important question is why were these tests done?
An elevated level may result from many causes, some of them are simple and some are more problematic. IMHO the best thing would be consulting her doctor to consider the need to check-up her alimentary system.
You can read more here (http://www.ascocancerfoundation.org/patient/ASCO+Resources/Patient+Guides/ASCO+Patient+Guide:+Tumor+Markers+for+Gastrointestinal+Cancers) and here (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Detection/tumor-markers)

Q. I am observing some change in the nipple of my left breast. Can anyone give information? I am 44 year old women and from some days I am observing some change in the nipple of my left breast. My nipple is drawn inside. My haggard nipple apart from itching burns as well. The size of my left breast is increased. Some bloody discharge from nipple is giving indication that there is something happening wrong. I doubt if it may be a breast cancer. Can anyone give some information?

A. the fact that bloody discharge from the nipple is probably a bad sign is clear. now what you need to do is to go and see a Dr. about it. it can be an infection in the mammary glands, or even Fibrocystic breast disease. so get yourself to a Dr....

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* To increase the trustworthiness of your data and reduce observer effect through habituation, plan to observe at multiple sessions of the same storytime program series
Robert Wistrich talks at some length about the ambiguous legacy of both of these princes of the church, and then, widening his scope to the German episcopate in general, observes that their elevation is anomalously accompanied in the document by "utter silence about the German church's acquiescence and, at times, complicity in the Shoah." [37] Unlike their counterparts in France, Belgium, Italy, and Holland, Wistrich observes, leaders of the German Catholic Church, "rather than attempting to guide their flock, tamely chose to follow it." [38] They accepted the Nuremberg race laws and offered virtually no protest in the wake of Kristallnacht.
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More than just a list of objects to observe, an observing program offers a specific goal to work toward and comes complete with some well-earned bragging rights.
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Now, some astronomers are planning to observe the June 8 transit to learn about solar systems far beyond our own.
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Men observe Aitkaf in small cubicles, set up by hanging large cloth sheets inside mosques, whereas women observe it at any corner or quite place in the house which is not frequently visited by others.
Despite the cellular immunodeficiency, we did not observe atypical dissemination of the lesions.
"To really understand the ocean we have to be in the environment all the time and be flexible enough to adapt, observe, quantify, and sample." Lautenbacher describes NEPTUNE as being on the cutting edge of research.

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