observational study

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observational study

A research study in which the results are obtained retrospectively or without a control group. Some examples include case reports, chart reviews, and longitudinal studies of large cohorts followed over time.
Synonym: observational trial
See also: study


a scholarly examination. Specific types of study are also detailed under blind, case-control, cohort, cross-sectional.

analytical study
one in which a phenomenon is described and an attempt made to analyze the effects of variables on the phenomenon.
descriptive study
one in which a phenomenon is described but no attempt is made to analyze the effects of variables on the phenomenon.
follow-up study
one carried out to find out whether there has been change in the situation since the initial study.
longitudinal study
one carried out over a period of time so that chronological time has an opportunity to exert an effect as a variable.
observational study
see descriptive study (above).
prospective study
one in which the data to be studied are yet to be generated, the events having not yet occurred.
retrospective study
one based on examination of existing data, on events that have already occurred.
simulation study
one in which the real circumstances are simulated, either in fact, or by means of a set of mathematical formulae each of which expresses the probability of each outcome in a series of consequential events that mirror the possible pathways in a real-life situation.
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We can see the incidence curve going up starting in year 2 of the observational study.
Physicians in our observational study prescribed antibiotics for presumed viral diagnoses in 17 percent of cases.
Data Source: Observational study involving 1,142 veterans who were followed for a median of 5 years.
This observational study is limited in that it does not distinguish between smokers and nonsmokers, and did not check the medical records of those involved," remarks Jose Ramon Banegas, a professor of preventive medicine and public health at the Universidad Autonoma in Madrid, Spain.
Indeed, only 46% of the 8,928 postmenopausal women with stable cardiovascular disease in the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Observational Study were on aspirin.
A prospective observational study of domestic violence during pregnancy, Obstetrics & Gynecology, 2005, 106(1):61-65.
Contrast that with the results of another observational study published in 2011, which found that the mortality rate was significantly higher by 6% in people who took multivitamins than in people who did not take multivitamins.
But the next observational study showed a similar-size benefit.
Swiss pharmaceutical company Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd (Swiss:BSLN) said today that the first results from the TOCCATA observational study were presented at the 22nd Fortbildungswoche fur praktische Dermatologie und Venerologie in Munich, Germany.
In a prospective, observational study of 201 women examined with TVS before undergoing laparoscopy for evaluation of pelvic pain lasting more than 6 months, 62 (31%) had no endometriosis at laparoscopy according to the revised American Fertility Association classification system, 33 (16%) had minimal disease, 31 (15%) mild, 27 (13%) moderate, and 48 (24%) severe disease, according to data presented at the World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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