oblique line

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ob·lique line

a diagonal, sloping or slanting line; a line that is neither parallel nor perpendicular, neither horizontal nor vertical. See: oblique line of mandible, oblique line of thyroid cartilage.
Synonym(s): linea obliqua [TA]
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Its location has been reported as posterior or anterior to the oblique line and below the superior tubercle.
Ejnell et al .[8],[9] had suggested that an injection needle was inserted 5 mm anterior to the oblique line and 5 mm above the lower margin of the thyroid cartilage.
at an oblique line in the space-ct diagram), creates the difference in perceived length between a body in its rest frame and a frame in movement, as seen in Fig.
They were grouped in relation to oblique line. (Table 2).
Then, we simulate the system using two-staged oblique line equalizer to find the best combination of [k.sub.1] and [k.sub.2] ([k.sub.1] represents the slope of the first oblique line part and [k.sub.2] represents the slope of the second oblique line part).
strigipennis Moore in external morphology, but can be distinguished from it by the following features: the forewing has a brownish black line stretching from the apical angle to the outer side of inner margin; the oblique lines running from the apex of forewing to hindwing are more prominent; basal part of hindwing paler; the uncus wider, with 3 processes, middle one forked apically, and other 2 digitate; the gnathos has peg-like teeth; the valva shorter and broader; the harpe finger-shaped, sclerotized, broad at base, and with a minute apical hook; the aedeagus shorter, and with a crescent-shaped cornutus basally.
The literature reports that structures such as the oblique line, body, and base of the mandible concentrate stress from masticatory loads [6].
The roof seems to fly away, and the oblique line of the gable responds to the sloped facade of the old gym by blending seamlessly with the slope of its roof.
To be specific, the Doppler locus of a moving target appears as an oblique line in the range Doppler plane due to the range motion, and a coarse range velocity component can be deduced from the slope of the oblique line and radar system parameters.
then draw an oblique line." Hatching lines (they call them "section lines") are specified to be drawn at a specific angle.
Cheek with five VT lines; first from below middle of eye to middle of jaws; second incomplete and extending upward from just behind first row, not meeting eye, ending just below or before upper LT line; third interrupted by upper LT line; fourth slightly oblique cut into two parts by upper LT line with upper part nor meeting upper LT line; fifth a short oblique line before infraorbital pore and a vertical section ventrally below upper LT line.
Though the roads should have to be well marked with double lines, oblique line, lines for giving signals to the pedestrians, absence of these signs often put the drivers as well as the passers-by in trouble, Naeem Asghar an owner of car observed.