oblique head

ob·lique head

head of origin that is diagonally situated. Terminologia Anatomica lists oblique heads (caput obliquum ...) of the following: 1) adductor hallucis [TA] (... musculi adductoris hallucis [TA]); and 2) adductor pollicis [TA] (... musculi adductoris pollicis [TA]).
Synonym(s): caput obliquum [TA]
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The interaction process can be clearly seen in the case of the oblique head wave condition at [chi] = 120[degrees] (where [chi] is the angle of the incident wave to the ship's advancing direction).
For the case of an oblique head incident wave at [zeta] = 120[degrees], the contour maps at 1/16 [T.
The regular incident wave was introduced from five directions: head wave ([chi] = 180[degrees]), oblique head wave ([chi] = 150[degrees]), beam wave ([chi] = 90[degrees]), oblique follow wave ([chi] = 30[degrees]), and follow wave ([chi] = 0[degrees]).
Claire says: "Plagiocephaly literally means oblique head and describes the shape of the head when there is a flattening of the baby's skull.