oblique axis

oblique axis,

n hypothetical axis running from the upper area of sacroiliac articulation to the lower sacroiliac articulation on the opposite side of the pelvis. The right oblique axis begins at the right superior articulation and vice-versa. Proposed by osteopathic physician Fred Mitchell, Sr. Also called
diagonal axis.
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The strong talocalcaneal ligament stabilises the joint which is synovial with a single oblique axis that declines backward and laterally.
It is recommended to assess the short axis, the long axis and the oblique axis views (Table 1) in order to identify anatomical relationships between the structures and assess for the presence of thrombi or masses that may interfere with the cannulation.
The lateral lobes with more vertical and not all longitudinally oblique axis.
The compact design of the new A18 generation of high-pressure pumps is based on the oblique axis principle, tried and trusted in tough application situations, and allows for integration in even the most restricted installation spaces.
Movement between the talus and calcaneus occurs around an oblique axis.
Backdrops are shown as curved screens which could be used in the concave or convex positions, and there were also stage wagons on a paternoster system set not perpendicular to the stage but on an oblique axis.