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n an assumed or assigned duty imposed by promise, law, contract, or society; the binding power of a vow, promise, oath, or contract.
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Net value approach: The proposed regulations provide that a disregarded entity's payment obligation for which a partner is treated as bearing the economic risk of loss is taken into account only to the extent of the disregarded entity's net value.
Considering mortality and expected employee turnover assumptions in the calculation of the accumulated eligibility credits obligation.
parent's debt obligation which is repaid 5 months later; 6.
Statement 87 strictly defines which assets qualify to offset a company's obligation to pay benefits.
This revenue procedure was issued to provide assurance to those who may have obtained financing commitments and, as a result of the recent deteriorating market conditions, discovered that the related debt obligation issue price may be significantly less than the monies advanced to the company under the financing commitment.
Recording the net OPEB obligation as a liability of the reporting government as required by GASB No.
They have obligations to a specified group of persons (their patients) that nonmedical personnel have no obligation to help.
When such properties are sold, the buyer may be required to agree not to perform an environmental investigation (before or after the sale) or take any other action that could precipitate enforcement of the seller's cleanup obligation.
A financial instrument, other than an outstanding share, that, at inception, embodies an obligation to repurchase the issuer's equity shares, or is indexed to such an obligation, and that requires or may require the issuer to settle the obligation by transferring assets (for example, a forward purchase contract or written put option on the issuer's equity shares that is to be physically settled or net cash serried)
Further, the Navy did not apply existing internal control activities to ensure that fund managers performed obligation reviews in accordance with DOD regulations, nor did it hold fund managers accountable for the accuracy and completeness of the reviews.
Under a general obligation bond, the amount will fluctuate (from person to person).