obligate carrier

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obligate carrier

Clinical genetics The ♂ or ♀ parent of a child with an AR disorder who, by definition, is a carrier of the defective gene is question; similarly, mothers of ♂ children with an X-R condition are carriers of the defective gene. See Autosomal recessive.


necessary, essential.

obligate accumulators
obligate carrier
the subject is always available as a carrier of the infection.
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We analyzed 84 DNA samples from the National Taiwan University Hospital, including DNA from 11 patients with dystropin gene deletions previously detected by gel electrophoresis, 1 patient with a duplication detected by the multiplex PCR/DHPLC detection method and confirmed by quantitative real-time PCR (27), 23 obligate carriers and noncarriers from families with DMD patients, and 50 unaffected females from the general population.
In response to the carrier's contention that its sole obligation was to its insured, the court stated that its ruling will not obligate carriers to conduct themselves in any particular manner with regard to third-party claimants and that the exercise of due care to maintain evidence "is as likely to benefit a carrier as it is a claimant.