obesity index

o·be·si·ty in·dex

body weight divided by body volume.
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Obesity index (%) was then calculated using the following formula: (weight [kg] - standard weight [kg])/standard weight [kg] x 100.
No significant differences were found in the participants' sex, age, height, weight, obesity index, number of decayed teeth, or energy and nutrient intake between the groups.
We would like to suggest authors to make a bigger sample and try to identify a relationship between intraocular pressure and systemic health parameters not only age and sex but also blood and obesity index.
The change in obesity index was even more dramatic-from 2.
On the other hand, the current Polish data show overweight or obesity index equivalent to 18.
There were limited published studies that examined the effectiveness of WHtR as an abdominal obesity index in predicting glycaemic control as one of the metabolic disorders in Malay population.
Then the fat depot was collected for obesity index measurement and both kidneys were collected for measuring kidney index and to perform biochemical studies on renal homogenate and histological studies.
Using BMI as obesity index, prevalence of obesity in boys was compared with that in girls.
The first country in the obesity index is the American Samoa islands, where 93.
Hull was also found to have the highest obesity index of 146.
Mean size at maturity, brood size, and the obesity index for each clone were compared to the mean of the sexual population in the same habitat using t-tests.