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n. Informal
1. The combined practice of obstetrics and gynecology.
2. A specialist in this field; an obstetrician-gynecologist.


Usage notes: (informal)
abbreviation for obstetrics and gynecology.


obstetrics and gynecology.
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Artemis is the only healthcare technology company that develops and markets EHR, practice management, and mobile patient engagement solutions specifically for OB-GYN physician practices.
Chairman and distinguished service professor, department of OB-GYN, State University of NY Health Sciences Center at Brooklyn
For more than 14 years, OB-GYN practices across the country have used digiChart's solutions to streamline and optimize their practices clinically, financially and administratively, as well as to achieve higher rates of patient satisfaction.
Seventy-two percent (72%) of women ob-gyns surveyed report that they regularly exercise, 67% say their weight is about right, and 81% rate their own physical fitness as good or excellent.
Phil Suiter, digiChart CEO, credits the significant growth in new customers to digiChart's long history of consistently offering innovative, easy-to-use, affordable solutions tailored especially for the OB-GYN practice.
will involve thousands of ob-gyns and their patients calling US Senators on a special 800-telephone number to urge passage of tort reform.
OB-GYN practices across the country use digiChart's solutions to streamline and optimize their practices clinically and financially, as well as achieve higher rates of patient satisfaction.
Phil Suiter, digiChart CEO, said, "digiChart continues to expand both our management team and the solutions we offer OB-GYN practices.
Northeast OB-GYN Associates and Southeast OB-GYN Associates are quality organizations that provide exceptional healthcare to San Antonio and the surrounding communities," said Mark Wagar, President of Western Operations for MedPartners, Inc.
A completely integrated, single-database OB-GYN EHR and practice management solution, PracticeSmart simplifies and streamlines OB-GYN clinical and office processes; digiChart clients improve the patient experience and increase productivity and ROI.
Under the new agreement, MDAdvantage insured physicians using digiChart's award-winning electronic health record solution - digiChart OB-GYN - will receive malpractice insurance discounts and special pricing on the OB-GYN specific digiChart OB-GYN EMR solution, which will allow OB-GYN physicians to manage patients across all settings and stages of obstetrical care.