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A deciduous tree (Quercus spp.) that provides material in its leaves and bark to produce many forms of herbal nostrums. Used as an astringent, a therapeutic remedy for skin disorders (approved for use for this purpose in Germany), and countless other unconfirmed purposes. Because of high levels of tannic acid, it has caused death, respiratory failure, and hepatotoxicity.


n Latin names:
Quercus robur, Quercus petraea, Quercus alba; parts used: bark, gall; uses: antiinflammatory, astringent, varicose veins, smoking cessation, hemorrhoids, gargle, skin conditions; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children. Also called
British oak, brown oak, common oak, cortex quercus, ecorce de chene, eichenlohe, eicherinde, encina, English oak, gravelier, nutgall, oak apples, oak bark, oak galls, stone oak, or
tanner's bark.


see quercus.

oak buds
see acorn.
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The oak tree is the most important and populous tree species in western Iran especially in the Zagros region.
County Councillor Keith Kondakor (Green, Weddington) said: "e two temporary haulage roads will give access to the site for between two and seven years while the houses are built, but the loss of the oak tree is permanent.
With Saltbox unable to level, Oak Tree finished the season with two cups and the league title.
CHARACTER The smart kitchen within Oak Tree Lodge, left
Following a recent extension to the entrance of their building the oak tree was blocking light coming into the school.
Our current intention is to stage the 2009 Breeders' Cup World Championships at Santa Anita during the Oak Tree meeting," the statement said.
Although Constantinou does not live in Stroumbi, he bought land there in 1980 containing six apricot trees and six oak trees.
According to legend, a local witch was either hanged from an earlier oak tree or buried beneath the tree known as Sally's Oak with a stake through her heart.
However, there was a shock in store for the favourites when a break upfield by Oak Tree resulted in Gary Clark firing them into an early lead.
Today, it is recognized as the largest live oak tree in Georgia and was featured as part of the series Big Trees and the Lives They've Changed on National Public Radio's Morning Edition.
is the exclusive leasing agent for the retail space at Oak Tree and Zimmel Associates is the exclusive broker for the office space.

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