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1. Pertaining to a nymph.
2. Pertaining to the labia minora (nymphae).


adjective Referring to an early developmental stage of arthropods.

An obsolete adjective referring to the labia minora.
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In nymphal acquisition feeding, 10 engorged nymphs were tested individually, and all were found to be infected with SFTSV; however, only 20% (2/10) of the adults ticks derived from the nymphs were infected with SFTSV (Table 1).
By selecting the most significant characteristics, I was able to distinguish various color morphs of Aeoloplides nymphs from the other sixty or so nymphal species included using only seven character states.
radiata was determine by conducting choice test with 5 replication between susceptible nymphal stages in the previous experiment the combination of the choice test are 3rd and 4th instars nymphs3rd and 5th instars nymph and 4th and 5th instars nymphs.
Tricorythodes faeculopsis shows a unique combination of characters useful to distinguish the alate, nymphal and egg stages from all the species in Tricorythodes sensu lato (see diagnosis above).
Thus, the aim of this work was to assess the number of juvenile instars and duration of nymphal development of C.
The leaflets were uncovered until the end of the nymphal stage, when the cages were attached to leaves again in order to avoid adults to escape.
Indeed, based upon the isolation of infected nymphal Ixodes scapularis ticks, Diuk-Wasser et al.
The blood from this first host will fuel the larva's metamorphosis to the next, nymphal life stage.
I had initially thought the creature on the mayfly may have been a tiny nymphal pseudoscorpion, as they are known to use other creatures for transport, and this behaviour is not uncommon to see in amber.