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1. Pertaining to a nymph.
2. Pertaining to the labia minora (nymphae).


adjective Referring to an early developmental stage of arthropods.

An obsolete adjective referring to the labia minora.
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Using an IFA, we determined whether SFTSV antibodies were present in serum samples from mice fed upon by nymphal and adult ticks.
If the dilution hypothesis holds, the number of infected nymphal ticks should be much higher on Block Island than on the mainland.
For example, in one study, the majority of adult and nymphal ticks were collected by drag cloth in only 17.
Regular observations were made on each culture set at 6h intervals under 32 x magnifications, in order to gather information on mating, oviposition and eggs, incubation and hatching, larval and nymphal stages, quiescence and moulting and total duration of F1 generations.
The repellent effects on nymphal stages of Ixodes ricinus L.
Nymphal period is 1 month, overlapping generations occur during spring, summer and fall.
Nymphal development, diapause and cold-hardiness in a nymph-overwintering cricket.
Based upon the results of this study, 36 patients who have Been bitten by the nymphal stage of Ixodes scapularis during the previous 72 hours would need to undergo treatment to prevent the development of one case of erythema migrans.
Keep in mind that certain types of fine-pointed tweezers, especially those that are etched, or rasped, at the tips, may not be effective in removing nymphal deer ticks.
Erythema migrans developed more frequently from untreated bites from nymphal ticks than after bites from adult female ticks (eight of 142 bites {5.