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The dynamics of nutrition or metabolism.
Synonym(s): nutritional energy
[tropho- + G. dynamis, power]
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The panel said rather than provide the body with nutritional energy, the large quantities of caffeine, taurine and guarana contained in energy-drinks simply stimulate the swift release of existing reserves.
Sacramento, CA, September 30, 2015 --( New startup, Hunter Bars, announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards / equity crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to produce and distribute their revolutionary nutritional energy bar.
It can be concluded that the supplementation of 500 g [ton.sup.-1] of protease (100 U [g.sup.-1]) to diets with low nutritional energy levels yields performance and external egg quality similar to those achieved by semi-weighed layers that are fed diets with the nutritional levels recommended by the breed manual.
Nutritional energy bars can be healthy, indulgent and a meal replacement, he points out.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic told 28 normal-weight men and women (they were roughly 30 years old) to eat until they were more full than usual at every meal, and to also eat one to four daily "supplements" (a king-size Snickers bar, a Boost Plus "nutritional energy drink," or an ice cream shake).
Animals, and in rare cases plants, that eat other animals and/or plants to fulfill their own nutritional energy requirements are called consumers.
Organisms that obtain their nutritional energy by killing and eating other organisms are called predators.
Swiss Diet, its flagship line of weight-loss products, includes proprietary diet capsules, SlimSupport capsules for craving control, CalorieMinus peppermint wafers for fat absorption, MealSource meal replacement powdered drink mix, and SlimSource nutritional energy drink mix.
Nestle Carnation Instant 250 (500 130 (220 Breakfast Nutritional Energy with milk) with skim Drink, I envelope milk) Soy Products [check] Silk Cultured Soy, 6 oz.
"For the last four or five years, the category in supermarkets has focused on the protein and nutritional energy bars and the newer carb solutions-type bars," he says.
Boost Nutritional Energy Bar Mead Johnson Nutritionals Evansville, Ind.
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