nutritional cirrhosis

nu·trit·ion·al cir·rho·sis

cirrhosis occurring in people or animals with general or specific dietary deficiencies; methionine and cystine deficiency may produce changes of cirrhosis in animals, but it is uncertain whether malnutrition in humans leads to cirrhosis or only to reversible fatty infiltration of the liver.
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alcoholic cirrhosis

A clinicopathologic entity which occurs in up to 20% of those who drink too much alcohol for a decade or more.
Clinical findings Ascites, increased infections including pneumonia, poor self-care, hepatic encephalopathy, liver fibrosis leading to portal hypertension, and oesophageal varices (bleeding from which is a common terminal event).
Pathological findings Alcoholic cirrhosis is defined by the histologic triad:
(1) Diffuse fibrosis with lobular collapse.
(2) Regenerative nodules of hepatocytes and bile duct proliferation.
(3) Hepatocellular necrosis and mild hemosiderin deposition.
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