nutritional amblyopia

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impairment of vision not due to organic defect or refractive errors. adj., adj amblyop´ic.
color amblyopia impairment of color vision due to toxic or other influences.
nutritional amblyopia central or centrocecal scotomata due to poor nutrition; seen in persons with a history of alcohol abuse and those with severe nutritional deprivation or vitamin B12 deficiency, as in pernicious anemia. Complete recovery is possible with good diet and B vitamins; prolonged deficiency results in permanent loss of central vision.

nu·trit·ion·al am·bly·o·pi·a

amblyopia resulting from lack of vitamin B-complex constituents.


Adalbert, U.S. physician.
Obal syndrome - ocular disorders associated with severe malnutrition. Synonym(s): camp eyes; nutritional amblyopia; polydeficiency retrobulbar neuritis syndrome
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