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One of a class of agents advertised as having nutritional value as well as having an effect on biologic functions.


, nutriceutical (nū-tră-sēū′tĭ-kŭl)
Any food component used for medicinal purposes. Examples include minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and hormones. Rules for the sale and promotion of these agents have been set forth in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.
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28 July 2014 - US lifestyle healthcare company Alphaeon Corp said on Monday it had taken over local eye health expert Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals (PRN) in a deal with a size of up to USD55m (EUR40.
Lovell Federal Health Care Center, North Chicago, Illinois, said all other therapies were exhausted before employing the oral nutriceutical under compassionate-use protocols on a case-by-case basis.
Suffice to say that the huge global expansion that has recently taken place in the nutriceutical and functional food industries has created major challenges, one of which is the considerable variation in the regulations applicable to the different countries active in the marketplace.
At the end of June, Real Nutriceutical operated over 5,600 outlets across China.
Additionally, many adults have turned to nutriceutical or natural products.
Founded in 1970, GCI Nutrients is a world-wide value-added raw material distributor that has helped build the nutriceutical business.
It is also said to use the latest nutriceutical and sublingual dental research to maximise the properties of its natural ingredients.
The JAG software products, Nutriceutical and Nutri Pro, feature a reference database and consulting component that enable pharmacies to provide consumers with information on herbal and homeopathic products and other nutritional supplements.
Pink Sheets: NVLX), today announced that recently appointed Chairman, CEO, and President of the Company, Patricia Gruden, has set forth an aggressive agenda for restoring the company to a fully-reporting status and enhancing shareholder value by refocusing the company's attention on its groundbreaking biotechnology products while rebuilding sales of its nutriceutical products.
Works With Water is a new brand of nutriceutical drinks that its maker claims is the next generation of waters.
the ninth-largest manufacturer and distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, has launched Nutriceutical Resources, a subsidiary that will manufacture and market nutritional supplements.
These are leading nutriceutical companies who serve healthcare professionals exclusively.