nutmeg oil

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nut·meg oil

(nŭt'meg oyl),
the volatile oil distilled from the dried kernels of the ripe seeds of Myristica fragrans; used as a flavoring agent and a carminative; in large quantities, it may produce narcosis and delirium; the fixed oil expressed from M. fragrans is used as a rubefacient.
Synonym(s): myristica oil
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Utilizing the best of the old world and new world solutions, the remedy combines ingredients like nutmeg oil, menthol and wintergreen.
Nutmeg oil can be applied as an emergency treatment to dull toothache.
Another area of development is the Nutmeg Oil Plant in Mali which is currently used for hydro distillation.
Not only good for cakes, many Grenadians will testify that nutmeg oil is a cure for aching joints as well as digestive, liver, and skin problems.