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The dried ripe seed of Myristica fragrans (family Myristicaceae), deprived of its seed coat and arillode; an aromatic stimulant, carminative, condiment, and source of volatile and expressed nutmeg oils; it is also sometimes consumed for its bizarre central nervous system effects.
See also: myristicin, nutmeg oil.
Synonym(s): myristica
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Herbal medicine
A tropical tree, the seeds of which are astringent, carminative and sedative in small doses.
Sports medicine
A regional slang term for the kicking of a football (soccer ball) through another person’s legs.

Nutmeg is toxic in large doses due to its content of myristicin, which can cause hallucinations, dehydration, delirium, disorientation, nausea, convulsions, palpitations and death; it is contraindicated in pregnancy.
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The more of African nutmeg used, the lower the possibility of the red blood cells stiffening into a characteristic sickle shape and to stick to the inside of blood vessels thereby blocking appropriate blood flow.
In addition, the nutmeg in mulled wine can help stimulate the brain, reducing fatigue, stress and anxiety and improving concentration.
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