nursing intervention

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interposition or interference in the affairs of another to accomplish a goal or end; see also implementation.
crisis intervention
1. counseling or psychotherapy for patients in a life crisis that is directed at supporting the patient through the crisis and helping the patient cope with the stressful event that precipitated it.
2. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as use of short-term counseling to help the patient cope with a crisis and resume a state of functioning comparable to or better than the pre-crisis state.
nursing intervention an action for which nurses are responsible that is intended to benefit a patient or client.
percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) the management of coronary artery occlusion by any of various catheter-based techniques, such as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, atherectomy, angioplasty using the excimer laser, and implantation of coronary stents and related devices.
intervention (omaha) in the omaha system, an action or activity undertaken to address a specific client problem and to improve, maintain, or restore health or to prevent illness. See also intervention scheme.

nursing intervention

any act by a nurse that implements the nursing care plan or any specific objective of that plan, such as turning a comatose patient to avoid the development of decubitus ulcers or teaching insulin injection technique to a patient with diabetes before discharge from the hospital. The patient may require intervention in the form of support, limitation, medication, or treatment for the current condition or to prevent the development of further stress. As stress increases, the need to adapt and the need for nursing intervention increase. See also adaptation, nursing process, stress.

nurs·ing in·ter·ven·tion

(nŭrs'ing in'tĕr-ven'shŭn)
Treatments that nurses perform in all settings and in all specialties; activities nurses perform; nursing care measures.

nursing intervention

In the nursing process, the step after planning. This step involves all aspects of actual caring for the patient and requires full knowledge of the assessment and planning stages of the nursing process. The goals of nursing intervention are stated in the planning step of the nursing process. Included in this step are patient care in the areas of hygiene and mental and physical comfort, including assistance in feeding and elimination; controlling the physical aspects of the patient's environment; and instructing the patient about the factors important to his or her care and what actions to take to facilitate recovery. After the patient's acute and immediate needs are met, he or she should be instructed concerning actions that could be taken to help prevent a recurrence of the condition.
See: nursing process; planning; problem-oriented medical record
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7 Table 4: Most helpful nursing interventions in situations of conflict Nursing intervention (n=228) Total score Providing clear, consistent, and honest information 538 to patient/family Arranging for the physician to meet with the patient/ 294 family at the bedside to answer questions Arranging a formal family conference 220 Ensuring that other health care team members 151 receive information about the patient's or family's wishes or concerns when known Referring patient/family to other resources (e.
This study explored the effects of a family centered nursing intervention on family members of critical care patients as measured by support, collaboration, and respect.
The finding of almost 100 percent use of the Fluid Management nursing intervention is not only biologically plausible in medical and nursing management of the heart failure patient, but the number one priority in acute heart failure management.
Early Childhood Caries: Determining the Risk Factors and Assessing the Prevention Strategies for Nursing Intervention
Contract award: the current two-year maintenance of green founded in the years 2003-2014 and nursing intervention of other trees and shrubs in the lanes of the city of poznan.
Listening to music is an effective short term nursing intervention for reducing chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis in persons aged 65 years or more.
Rogers maintains that research in nursing must examine unitary human beings as integral with their environment, and that new research tools are needed to accomplish this task; for example, measuring the effects of HT as a nursing intervention.
For Nursing Interventions: The University of Iowa's Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC), The Omaha System, and HHCC;
The Iowa Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) System, funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research, has done much to help standardize and codify the language.
The counter to this is that patients with better health require less nursing intervention over the long run.
The definition of a secondary insult was intracranial pressure > 20 mm Hg, cerebral perfusion pressure < 60 mm Hg and systolic blood pressure < 100 mm Hg for 5 minutes or more in a 10-minute period starting from when the nursing intervention began.
David Printy has been appointed as the new CEO of ProVita International Medical Center, the Abu Dhabi based provider of advanced long-term care for ventilated patients and patients needing constant medical and nursing intervention for serious medical conditions in a non-hospital surroundings.

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