nursing facility

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nurs·ing fa·cil·i·ty

(nŭrs'ing fă-sil'i-tē)
Health care facility for patients who require long-term nursing or rehabilitation services; formerly known as a nursing home.
Synonym(s): assisted living facility, long-term care facility.
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The company said that the Wasatch Healthcare and Rehabilitation is a 63-bed skilled nursing facility in Ogden, Utah and the St.
Thus, a skilled nursing facility might be receiving administrative physician services for areas such as quality assurance, utilization review, physiatry, orthopedics, psychiatry, pulmonology, neurology, and cardiology, in addition to traditional skilled nursing facility medical directorships.
NASDAQ: ENSG) has acquired the operations and real estate of US-based skilled nursing facility Bainbridge Island Health and Rehabilitation, the company said.
The nursing facility must select the provider(s) offering the best fit for its organization.
Skilled Nursing Facility Hatsutomi Royal Care Garden Hatsutomi Japan
Also, because mail is typically sent to the beneficiary's home address or that of a family member, nursing facility residents are less likely to receive information sent by CMS or the drug plans.
Founders of the nonprofit introduce the Regenerative Community Model, which is based an a resident-centered approach, versus the traditional medical model, in operating a skilled nursing facility.
During Charley, I was contracted by the Department of Health [Sarasota area] to establish and run a special medical needs [SMN] shelter in a former nursing facility in the Venice area.
Louisiana: Chalmette Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility (Chalmette); Mary Joseph Residence for the Elderly (New Orleans); Touro Infirmary (New Orleans); Subacute Care United of Meadowcrest Hospital (Gretna)

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