nursing education program

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nurs·ing ed·u·ca·tion pro·gram

(nŭrs'ing ed'yū-kā'shŭn prō'gram)
Planned curriculum usually with clinical practice experiences to prepare nurses; includes diploma (hospital school of nursing), at associate, baccalaureate (bachelor's), master's, and doctoral levels; also includes certificate, continuing education, and in-service programs.
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It was supported by the community colleges and the baccalaureate and higher nursing education programs.
2, concerning Licensure by Examination for Graduates of Nursing Education Programs Within the United States, its Territories, or Possessions.
Students in the health career club (HOC) were required to be academically prepared for successful recruitment into a nursing education program.
At the time these projections were made, enrollment into nursing education programs had been declining for several years and there was no evidence that interest in nursing was likely to increase.
Children will also feel the impact of sequestration indirectly through cuts in Title VII Health Professions and Title VIII Nursing Education Programs.
To address these issues, a growing number of nursing education programs are reexamining curricula and choosing to include environmental health content in both undergraduate and graduate educational programs, in large part with support from federal agencies and private foundations.
Approval of two options for initial licensure applicants who graduate from an out-of-state nursing education program not substantially equivalent to Texas Board approved programs:
Diverse faculty and students must be welcomed and sustained in nursing education programs.
The following year, 1957, the Orvis School of Nursing opened as the first nursing education program in the State of Nevada with twelve students and five nursing faculty, pioneering baccalaureate-level nursing education in our State.
Experienced nurses who work directly with newly licensed nurses or faculty members in a nursing education program may qualify to be an item writer or reviewer.
Barbara-Bates Jensen, MN, RN, CETN, is assistant professor of clinical nursing and director of the Enterostomal Therapy Nursing Education Program, University of California, Los Angeles.
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Education Program in Edinburg.

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