nursing conceptual framework

nurs·ing con·cep·tu·al frame·work

(nŭrs'ing kŏn-sep'shū'ăl frām'wŏrk)
A grouping of related concepts and theories that are of importance to nurses to guide nursing practice, education, and research.
Synonym(s): nursing model.
Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012
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Ambulatory Care Nursing Conceptual Framework Diagram
This particular session was titled 'The Utilisation of a Native American nursing conceptual framework'.
More importantly, few nurses in practice use a nursing conceptual framework or nursing theory as the theoretical foundation for conceptualizing and guiding their work.
AACN and NL.N need to explicitly identify nursing conceptual frameworks as the foundation of nursing education and make the integration of extant nursing frameworks a criterion for accreditation.
It's time that licensing exams accurately incorporate and make nurses and nurse educators accountable for learning and teaching knowledge that is specific to nursing, including extant nursing conceptual frameworks, which are the essence of all nursing knowledge.
There is ready acknowledgement that many nursing conceptual frameworks and theories are not necessarily easy to understand, or explain.
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