nursing assignment

nurs·ing as·sign·ment

the method(s) by which the patient care load is distributed among the nursing personnel available to provide care.
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Aaron Cyril, the eldest, works in Manila, while Jan Isaiah has taken a nursing assignment in Abu Dhabi.
In response to California staffing mandates, Aiken et al (3) studied surgery patients and reported a 7% increase in the likelihood of patient death when an additional patient was added to a nursing assignment. Furthermore, a study by Lee et al (6) indicated that any exposure to high staffing ratios, even as little as 1 day, greatly increased the risk of mortality for a critical care patient.
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The thought of driving an enormous SUV, full of people, through New York City during rush hour seemed far more daunting than my worst nursing assignment. But, I took the keys, gathered my team, grabbed the GPS that I was so grateful that Drex INSISTED I bring with me and headed south.
Over half of new graduate nurses leave their first professional nursing assignment in less than one year.
The tradition of a block nursing assignment did not serve the needs of our stroke population.
The link between nursing assignment and distance to or between patients also is worthy of scrutiny.
Organizational structure variables focus on measures of staffing patterns expected to affect the quality and quantity of care provided by nurses, including measures of the availability of nursing staff (for example, staff mix, daily staffing levels, nurse/patient ratios) and nursing assignment patterns (for example, functional nursing, team nursing, primary or modular nursing) (Fuqua & Stevens, 1988; Girotti, Garrick, Tierney, Chesnick, & Brown, 1987; Heinemann, Lengacher, VanCott, Mabe, & Swymer, 1996; Petryshen & Stevens, 1995; Roseman & Booker, 1995; Sandhu, Kerouac, & Duquette, 1992).
It should also be noted that Rule 217.12(12) regarding leaving a nursing assignment does not apply to the situation in which the nurse completes his/her scheduled shift, and then turns in notification of job resignation.
** (1)(T)- accept only those nursing assignments that take into consideration client safety and that are commensurate with the nurse's educational preparation, experience, knowledge, and physical and emotional ability.
* How are nursing assignments allocated based on nursing experience?
Measuring patient acuity provides data to make productive nursing assignments while optimizing patient safety and nurses' overall job satisfaction (Allen, 2018).
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