nurse practice act

nurse prac·tice act

(nŭrs prak'tis akt)
Legal provisions in each U.S. state regulating nursing practice; intent is to protect public and enforce acceptable standards of practice.
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These guidelines are applicable to all levels of nursing licensure (advanced practice registered nurse [APRN], registered nurse [RN], licensed practical/vocational nurse [LPN/VN]) where the nurse practice act (NPA) is silent.
Engaged membership in our professional association is especially critical this year as all registered nurses prepare for the upcoming sunset of the Colorado Nurse Practice Act. For more details about the roles and responsibilities of the individual positions on the Board, please review Article VI Section 2 of the Association Bylaws on the Association website.
Finally, at 2 A.M., the Bill was passed." The Arizona Nurse Practice Act was passed on June 9, 1921.
To fulfill its statutory mission to protect, promote and preserve the public health, safety and welfare, the Board is responsible for enforcing the Georgia Nurse Practice Act and Board Rules used for the regulation of the nursing profession in Georgia.
I love knocking-out those Nurse Practice Act requirements, while having fun, beaching it, and celebrating with my nursing BFFs!
The ISNA works hard to bring the VOICE of nursing to the Legislative Hall, advocate for the profession on regulatory committees, protect the nurse practice act, and provide educational programs that support your required continuing nursing education.
The Nevada Nurse Practice Act allows the Nursing Board to proceed with a hearing with or without you.
You see, TNA was not there to initiate and successfully lobby the legislation that changed the Nurse Practice Act to authorize APRN practice.
The decision was issued July 10 after the board found eight violations of the Nurse Practice Act. The allegations include insufficient instruction in pediatric nursing before patient contact, a faulty staffing ratio and inadequate documentation of evaluations of certain clinic faculty.
In April 2011, Wisconsin's Nurse Practice Act (State Statute 441) was amended with the insertion of a new section, 441.11.
During this time, she participated in the evolution of nursing practice by advocating for a nurse practice act that allowed nurses to practice to the fullest extent of their education.
One of the recommendations for nursing is that "Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training." This is a recommendation regarding scope of practice for RN's and advance practice registered nurses (APRN).The Nurse Practice Act in New Mexico already allows nurses to practice according to their education and training.

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