nurse epidemiologist

nurse ep·i·de·mi·ol·o·gist

a registered nurse with additional education in the monitoring and prevention of nosocomial infections in the client population in an agency.
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Vincent's Hospital before her appointment as a Nurse Epidemiologist for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
While incidences of community-acquired MRSA have been increasing during the past five years in Iowa, there are no definitive numbers, said Mary Rexroat, RN, a nurse epidemiologist with the Iowa Department of Public Health's Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology.
Dr Jacqui Reilly, consultant nurse epidemiologist, who worked on compiling the new MRSA statistics, said they had their limitations.
Andrus, a nurse epidemiologist in the CDC's division of healthcare quality promotion in Atlanta.
"Fortunately sprouts aren't very popular with the very young and the very old - and that's a good thing ," Lane County nurse epidemiologist Betsy Meredith said.
Prospective surveillance for device-related infection is performed in the surgical ICU by an experienced nurse epidemiologist. All positive cultures are reported to injection control by the microbiology laboratory.
Marion Perrin is Regional Nurse Epidemiologist with Health Canada's Medical Services Branch (MSB), Alberta Region.
Seventh Ave., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6J 4Y6; and Karen Pielak, RN, BSN, Nurse Epidemiologist, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, 828 W.
Bernie is a nurse epidemiologist who studies health effects from exposure to various types of air pollution.