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The annual turnover rate (the percentage of staff who have to be replaced annually due to quitting or firing) for nurse's aides is higher than 90 percent.
The federal government requires that all nurse's aides working in nursing homes complete just 75 hours--not quite two weeks--of training to become certified nursing assistants.
Many of the students in the most recent class plan to continue their education with the HCC's advanced nurse's aide class, which focuses on hospital and acute care.
Onyekwere was employed as a certified nurse's aide at Lanessa Extended Care, 751 School St., Webster, until Aug.
Clarification reveals that when a nurse's aide, Betty, and two other aides were working with a difficult dementia resident, the charge nurse, Laura, stopped to comment about procedures she believed were inappropriate.
programs to the managers target the workers for improvement because, after all, better to finger the nurse's aide than the Nursing Director.
Montigny on legislation that would provide wage enhancement for nurse's aides, a demonstration program to encourage direct-care-worker retention and recruitment, and a training fund.
the health and hospital worker's union, and CUNY for an educational center that will allow maintenance workers from 1199 to become trained nurses and nurse's aides. The 52,000-SF center will feature a 10,000-foot day care center.
The OIG will examine whether nurse's aides complete a training and competency evaluation program within four months of employment, unless the individual has been deemed competent, as required under OBRA.
Nurse's aides, as with most home health care agencies, make the majority of visits.
For example, a resident aide (our title for nurse's aides) had an interest in resident rights and chose that area as her survey assignment.