numeric pain scale

nu·mer·ic pain scale

(nū-merik pān skāl)
A method by which patients may self-rate their level of pain with 0 as no pain and a 10 being the worst pain; some are available as printed samples so that patients may point to the level of pain for a health care worker.
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In the first 24 hours the cumulative pain score, from numeric pain scale and visual analogue scale, for the control group showed 5(4.90%) patients had no pain, 39(38.24%) had mild pain, 52(50.98%) moderate pain and 6(5.80%) had severe pain.
Caption: Figure 4: Visual analog scale (VAS) and numeric pain scale
The intervention was conducted over eight weeks, and pain intensity was measured by a numeric pain scale at baseline and again at the end of eight weeks.
We attempted to assess overall pain control by reviewing all visits within the study year with numeric pain scale reports, patient description to physicians regarding degree of discomfort, and reports of activity level and functionality.
Finally, the Numeric Pain Scale of 0 to 10 was used for evaluating the intensity of pain.
Numeric Pain Scale and Visual Pain Scale as pain scores were assessed on the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh postoperative days and follow-up visits during the 2nd week, 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th months after thoracotomy.
The patient was ambulating well and a numeric pain scale of 3/10 was observed.
The patient assessment of pain intensity utilised a numeric pain scale (11-point scale with 0 = no pain to 10 = worst possible pain).
The beginning of the crisis can be traced back to a 1999 Joint Commission on Health Care initiative that proclaimed "Pain as the fifth Vital Sign." It standardized the use of the now familiar zero to 10 numeric pain scale. The need to treat pain, especially among older adults, was and is a very real need.
complained of a pain level of 10 out of 10 on the numeric pain scale throughout her peri-umbilical region with tenderness and guarding noted upon palpation.
Various scales are frequently used for measuring the intensity of pain like visual analogue scale (VAS), numeric pain scale (NPS), pain face scale (PFS), verbal pain scale (VPS) etc.