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See through register with denominational numeral 10
The obverse side of the note contains a see-through register with denominational numeral 10 and the same in Devnagari script.
However, definite numerals in Purepecha suggest that, at least in some languages, definiteness markers surface only in projections higher than the noun itself.
In a lightly revised version of his 2016 PhD dissertation at the University of Edinburgh, Cole investigates numerals as written by early Christian scribes in New Testament manuscripts.
The brilliant sheen is accentuated by the gleam of the mother of pearl dial which is etched with rose gold indexes with elegant stylized Roman numerals.
The year 1866- 2016 in English numerals shall be written at the bottom of the image, the RBI said in a release.
50 denomination with the ascending font of numerals in both the number panels issued earlier in Mahatma Gandhi Series- 2005, except the following:
A dark blue dial highlighted by light blue counters and white Arabic numerals make a bold and attractive statement.
The Drive de Cartier collection has all the Cartier design codes: guilloche inner dial, railroad chapter ring, Roman numerals, highly defined proportions and an element of fine watchmaking mechanics.
Numerals and quantity are one of the earliest mathematical concepts children learn (Clements & Sarama, 2009).
Over a nine-day period, they trained on a simple visual exercise: Shown a quick sequence of six symbols -- four letters and two numerals -- volunteers were asked to report the numerals they saw.
numerals and their printed names) and between visual and auditory stimuli (e.