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1. Insensible; lacking in feeling.
2. Deadened or lacking in the power to move.

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Q. have had numbness on right thigh so weird comcerned what it might be

A. Concerning what could it be may be quite frightening… It all depends on your age, other conditions, life style and medical history.

Numbness may be due to damage to nerves: either nerve root in the spinal column or to the more peripheral nerves (e.g. pressure on nerves or damage to them during operation).

It may also result from diseases to the skin or systemic diseases, although then usually other signs and symptoms will suggest the cause.

You may read more here ( and if you have any concerns you may want to consult a doctor.

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Q. How can I get my doctor to believe me about my back and neck pain and the numbness in my hand? My doctor referred me to a pain clinic and I waited 2 months for the appointment. So i went to the appointment and the doctor was very short with me and asked me why I was there even though I had just given my complete history to his nurse 5 minutes earlier. i said I wanted to know what was wrong with my back and if it could be fixed. He said we don't do that here and looked at a cat scan of my neck from a year and a half prior and an x ray of my back from 4 months prior. He said there is nothing wrong with me and told me to have a nice day. i asked if he could at least send me for an MRI and he gave me a prescription for one and said his nurse would make the appointment for me. I'm still waiting for the appointment. The other thing is is that I am on medicaid and filed for disability because I can not work. I just can't find a doctor to help me. I'm very frustrated.

A. Since you were hurt in an accident and it could well be the source of your pain and numbness. The initial x-ray right after the accident may appear to be normal but joints that were impacted during the accident could start to shift overtime. You need to talk to your family doctor or see an chiropractor who can send you for a x-ray or MRI. I was in a minor car accident over 10 years ago and the pain and numbness only showed after around 7 years after the accident. I went to the hospital for checkup and x-ray at the time of the accident and everything was normal but then things got worse over time and 7 years later the x-ray showed that a piece of my neck-bone was out of place which pinched on a nerve and caused the numbness on my arms and sometimes I couldn't even use a computer mouse or raise my arm high. Chiropractor couldn't help me, he could only relief the pressure that built up on my neck for a few hours but it returned. I went to see a Chinese doctor, and all he did was phy

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Gittleman compared the injury to the numbness sensation following a numbing injection that never diminishes as opposed to going away in two or three hours.
For analyses involving PTSD symptom clusters, we used the emotional numbing four-factor model [25].
Children who show avoidance and emotional numbing may need the help of a mental health professional, while more common reactions such as re-experiencing the event and hyperarousal (including sleep disturbances and a tendency to be easily startled) may respond to help from parents and teachers.
Staff at the Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto told the Daily Star that when one of their aestheticians brought the numbing cream for her, the 25-year-old pop star just laughed and said that she loves the pain and that it feels good to her.
The title Zweiland, literally "two lands," was a clear reference to the divided Germany of the Berlin Wall era, and this reverberates in the Berlin Wall-like set and numbing bureaucratic routines like lines of people who wait endlessly.
The numbing of our capacity to feel guilt has implications for our spiritual as well as our moral lives.
Nevertheless, Donohue proceeds in numbing detail to set out the ACLU's deviation from the norm of absolute disinterestedness.
Crist told the station that the pills made him loopy and as the dentists were doing that, they were shooting his gums with the numbing gel.
Dumbacher asked New Guinea villagers to suggest insects or plants that cause tingling or numbing. Avit Wako, a resident of Herowana, not only called the researchers attention to the Choresine beetles but also organized a collecting program.
The 26-year-old unnamed male ate a mala soup, meaning 'numbing hot,' a traditional Chinese dish.
Then in Part II, "Hood River," she laments to her lover while traveling west with him: "How I wanted / west on 90, the sky spoonfeeding the Bozeman peaks, to look at you long enough that whatever veil / stops the moment from feeling real / suddenly lifts ..." She attempts to escape the violence, which in Part Il feels like a kind of numbing separateness.
Left untreated, the condition can cause ulcers and tissue damage in the affected hands or feet.MOST of us know the numbing pain when our hands and feet become chilled when outdoors in the winter.