number crunching

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number 'crunching'

Informatics A popular term for intense and complex mathematical computations–eg, 3-D rotation of complex molecules and images
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The company will also use JDA's solution to review the best financial returns from an array of complex supplier terms and perform what Logan referred to as "heavy-duty number crunching," which purchasing managers could never feasibly do with their older system.
Frame 3D hides the complexity of number crunching functions, freeing the designer to focus on model behavior.
WordPerfect Office 11's simple interface lets us do everything we want to, including long document formatting and some very complex number crunching.
With marketVue, utilizing geoVue's decade of retail consulting experience, we can leverage internal intellectual capital & automate the vast majority of the low-level number crunching & guesswork in sales forecasting.
When we stress that our systems are scalable, we mean that they handle the enormous volume of data and number crunching necessary to accurately value fluctuating positions, and report meaningful results in real time," said Mr.
Described in the October 2001 issue of NRF's STORES magazine as an "Information Technology movement that has spread through retailing in the past year with startling speed and power," advanced analytics, or the practice of applying science and number crunching to retail, is becoming the next new necessity for companies wanting to improve revenue and profit margins.
Ernst Mayer, Paul Victor Novarese, and Guillermo Ballester Valor each independently verified the new number using server hardware and number crunching software combinations each different from the other.
It took months of number crunching and digging to separate the truth from the baloney and the real role models from the ear-biting thugs.
It took months of number crunching to select our Best Hosts winners, and they should all take justifiable pride in the titles they've earned.