number crunching

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number 'crunching'

Informatics A popular term for intense and complex mathematical computations–eg, 3-D rotation of complex molecules and images
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When I assumed my first studio job as a production executive, experienced colleagues warned, "Don't let the number crunchers push you around.
So let's just hope that all those number crunchers whose jobs are disappearing because of sophisticated financial software agree.
Enter the chains' number crunchers, neither romantic nor necessarily interesting figures.
Unfortunately, today's most advanced number crunchers have neither the speed nor the storage capacity to handle more than a crude caricature of any given cosmic process.
You would think that the number crunchers in Montrose would permit a rare moment of cheer in a workplace where staff are being asked repeatedly to suffer wage cuts and cut backs.
Police number crunchers have identified hotspot streets for registration plate crime across south Birmingham.
A TEAM of number crunchers ventured away from their desks to take on an unusual team building challenge.
The bank's number crunchers have estimated how much students in the city, mainly studying at Coventry and Warwick universities, will spend over the year.
The booming real estate industry has had a knock-on effect on the traditional role of the accounting industry--and the number crunchers are beginning to feel the pressure, according to some.
The moss-covered plan to overhaul the New York Times' arts and cultural coverage has finally headed upstairs for the paper's number crunchers to mull.
Here at Ladbrokes HQ our number crunchers have been sending the computers into meltdown as they work out how much money UK punters have saved since the dreaded tax was done away with.