reticular nucleus of thalamus

(redirected from nucleus reticularis thalami)

re·tic·u·lar nu·cle·us of thal·a·mus

a sheet of fairly large neurons covering the lateral, anterior (ventral), and rostral surfaces of the thalamus; its reticular appearance is caused by the numerous fascicles of the thalamic peduncles that traverse the nucleus The nucleus receives numerous fibers from the cerebral cortex, but it has no cortical projection.
Synonym(s): nucleus reticularis thalami [TA]
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The analysis (Cotterill, 2001) concludes that the attention mechanism involves the thalamic intralaminar nuclei and the nucleus reticularis thalami.
The thalamocortical and reciprocal corticothalamic circuits are regulated by the nucleus reticularis thalami, also known as the thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN).
It is likely that birds have some thalamopallial and reciprocal palliothalamic circuits that involve the homologue of the mammalian nucleus reticularis thalami.
In neural terms, the nucleus reticularis thalami is indeed rather close to the premotor cortex, where the intended sequence of muscular movements is set up.

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