nucleotide pair

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base pair (b.p., bp),

the complex of two heterocyclic nucleic acid bases, one a pyrimidine and the other a purine, brought about by hydrogen bonding between the purine and the pyrimidine; base pairing is the essential element in the structure of DNA proposed by J. Watson and F. Crick in 1953; usually guanine is paired with cytosine (G·C), and adenine with thymine (A·T) or uracil (A·U).
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Fig. 234 Nucleotide pair . Complementary base pairing. P = phosphate, S = sugar, A = adenine,T = thymine.

nucleotide pair

two NUCLEOTIDES of opposite strands of DNA, joined by weak hydrogen bonds (see Fig. 234 ). See COMPLEMENTARY BASE PAIRING.
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Synthetic Dicer substrates, 25-30 nucleotide pairs, can be significantly more effective at silencing genes at lower dose compared with many first generation siRNAs [18].
Three thousand million nucleotide pairs, approximately the number found in mammals and in man suffice to specify at least 750 million amino acids and at least a million types of proteins, although it seems that the real number of proteins that are required and actually synthesised is less than one tenth of that.
The number of genes prescribing an organism belonging to a higher life-form (in other words, more complex than a bacterium) runs into the hundreds of thousands; the nucleotide pairs composing them, the genetic letters that encode the life-giving enzymes, number according to species from 1 billion to 10 billion.
(1992) estimated rates of compensation in mt rDNA by "calculat(ing) the number of mismatched nucleotide pairs for each ancestral node and then determin(ing) the number of times that these mismatches had been compensated by the next node in the tree" (fig.
The nucleotide pairs implicated in the nucleotide changes are 34 and 35, 35 and 36, 35 and 37, 35 and 38, 37 and 38, and 38 and 39.

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