nucleotide deletion

nu·cle·o·tide de·le·tion

deletion of a single nucleotide, which in a transcribed gene will lead to a frame-shift mutation.
Synonym(s): point deletion (2)
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Bittner, "CPEO associated with a single nucleotide deletion in the mitochondrial tRNATyr gene," Neurology, vol.
Fourteen polymorphic variable sites were identified: 12 SNP substitutions, one single nucleotide deletion and one ins/del polymorphism.
Finally, a nucleotide deletion or insertion is produced during non-homologous end joining, creating a frameshift mutation [11,12].
One of the isolates showed nucleotide deletion in 61-77, 84-85, 100-119, 131-145, 172-179 and produced an uncharacterized protein with a resistant phenotypic result.
Strebel et al., "Identification of a nucleotide deletion in parts of polypeptide 3A in two independent attenuated aphthovirus strains," Virology, vol.
In this study, a highly pathogenic PRRSV strain named QY1 P5 was passaged in vitro, and mutations occurred during this process, including 34 amino acid changes, 1 nucleotide deletion, and 34 amino acid deletions in the QY1 P100.
The model DNA targets containing the two variants of one nucleotide deletion (Del3 and Del 5) and four variants of insertions (InsA, InsG, InsT, and InsC) were synthesized to investigate the possibility of these point mutations detection using tandem probes of Series 2.
In contrast, only 1 of 22 (4%) MSI-L tumors showed a single nucleotide deletion and none of the 40 MSS tumors had deletions (P < .001, Table 1).
Cas9 enzyme which is an RNA-guided DNA endonuclease generates a double-strand DNA break and produces the mutation of nucleotide deletion or insertion during non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) repair process of the induced DNA break [10,11].
The alignment indicated a spike gene nucleotide deletion at positions 164-169 (TTGGTG), which corresponded to amino acid deletion at positions 55 and 56.
Inversely, PDCoV China strain HKU15-44 contained a nucleotide deletion in the 3' untranslated region that was not present in the US PDCoV strains.
These studies also showed that all isolates had the same 11 nucleotide deletion in the 3' untranslated region immediately downstream from the stop codon of the open reading frame (34), which provided a signature for comparing any future isolates.