Proteins forming a fibrillar substructure of the nuclear matrix to which DNA is bound.
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SYNE4 encodes nesprin-4 (Nesp4), which localises to the outer nuclear membrane and is part of the linker of nucleoskeleton and cytoskeleton (LINC) complex in the nuclear envelope.
Goldman, "The nucleoskeleton: lamins and actin are major players in essential nuclear functions," Current Opinion in Cell Biology, vol.
On the other hand, the nucleoskeleton protein LmnA/C increased at EDA doses of 1 mg/mL in condition 1 but increased at all EDA concentrations tested in conditions 2 and 3 (Figure 2(d)).
Nucleoskeleton, analogous to the cytoskeleton in the cytoplasm, is crucial for maintaining the shape of interphase nucleus.
And lamins are known for their role in maintaining nuclear integrity, being an intergral part of nucleoskeleton and NE [19,7].
Lamins are playing a crucial role in the assembly of nucleoskeleton and NE and as regulators of PCD.
The "mechanical stress hypothesis" model suggests that the lamins and their associated proteins form a filamentous nucleoskeleton that supports the nuclear envelope (NE).
Also the interaction with some nucleoskeleton molecules seems to be modulable by Nox4 inhibition.
Moreover, plumbagin exposure reduces the binding between nNox4 nucleoskeleton components.

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