nucleoside monophosphate

nu·cle·o·side monophos·phate

a nucleotide containing only one phosphoryl group, for example, AMP.
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This technology enables the delivery of nucleoside monophosphate to the liver, leading to the formation of high levels of nucleoside triphosphate, potentially maximizing drug efficacy and limiting systemic side effects with low, once-daily dosing.
As part of the collaboration, a HepDirect prodrug of a Roche proprietary nucleoside monophosphate was identified and evaluated in various pre-clinical studies conducted by scientists at Metabasis and Roche.
He continued his mass spectrometry research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in 1990 by examining the improved measurement of nucleoside monophosphates with diamines, using thermospray mass spectrometry, a direct predecessor to electrospray mass spectrometry, the most commonly used technique today.

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