nucleated erythrocyte

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nucleated erythrocyte

A red cell with a nucleus, which is usually lysed before the reticulocyte stage of RBC maturation. Scattered nucleated erythrocytes are a normal finding in the peripheral blood of newborns, but distinctly abnormal in adults and seen in thalassemia major or leukoerythroblastic reactions; in the foetus, > 5/100 NRBCs in the circulation is typically seen with hypoxia.


having a nucleus or nuclei.

nucleated erythrocyte
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There is, however, one fundamental difference between the MB-containing cytoskeleton of unactivated nucleated erythrocytes and that of invertebrate or vertebrate clotting cells.
Observations on the ultrastructure of nucleated erythrocytes and thrombocytes with particular reference to the structural basis of their discoidal shape.
Isolation of fetal DNA from nucleated erythrocytes in maternal blood.
In addition, nucleated erythrocytes express several antigens, such as the transferrin receptor expressed on rapidly dividing cells, that might be useful targets for enriching samples of maternal blood.
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