nucleated erythrocyte

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nucleated erythrocyte

A red cell with a nucleus, which is usually lysed before the reticulocyte stage of RBC maturation. Scattered nucleated erythrocytes are a normal finding in the peripheral blood of newborns, but distinctly abnormal in adults and seen in thalassemia major or leukoerythroblastic reactions; in the foetus, > 5/100 NRBCs in the circulation is typically seen with hypoxia.


having a nucleus or nuclei.

nucleated erythrocyte
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In addition to the routine CBC plus 5-Part Diff WBC test, the BC-6800's output can be extended in the form of Reticulocyte, Nucleated RBC, Optical Platelet count, etc, allowing wider clinical application and research.
Half of the neonates in the seizure group had nucleated RBC counts that were above 10 per 100 white blood cells, which is considered the upper level of normal, Dr.
Of the neonates who had seizures whose nucleated RBC counts were above 10, 60% were meconium stained, compared with 20% of the neonates whose counts were under 10.
4% reliability of the flags for immature granulocytes or left shift, 57% for nucleated RBC and atypical lymphocytes, and 80% for blast cells.
Another technological advance was the use of fluorescence by a nuclear stain for identifying and enumerating nucleated RBC, apart from WBC.
A confounding factor may be the presence of avian nucleated RBCs that might reduce the diffusion of glucose from blood samples into the chemical layer of the test strip, thus resulting in the underestimation of blood glucose concentrations.
For unusual WBCs and nucleated RBCs, sensitivity and specificity were 100% and 97% respectively.
8%) were studied to address the use of smaller amounts of blood for examination and enumeration of nucleated RBCs.
Enumeration of nucleated RBCs was performed either by an experienced medical technologist or by a pathology resident using a light microscope and Nextslide in parallel for each case.
Peripheral blood smear showed normocytic, normochromic red blood cells (RBCs) and no teardrop poikilocytes or nucleated RBCs.
The best indication of bone marrow contamination is the presence of RBC precursors or nucleated RBCs.
It was my view that giant platelets, like nucleated RBCs, will artifactually elevate the WBC when counted on a hematology analyzer.